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Within our small business hub we have teamed up with selected business to bring you a wide variety of shopping in one place. 

Shop all these amazing small business below directly from our store! 

Matilda Rose Bows


Matilda Rose Bows was named after my daughter Matilda Rose. We hand make all of our bows from a little office at home and we have now also started to do sets. These sets are Matilda's much pre loved clothes that are in excellent condition, some with tags still on as shes never worn them and I make the bows alongside them to match the outfits.
Couple of times throughout the year we will do offers so keep an eye our on our website and socials for them!

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Silver Memories 

Silver Memories is a small family business based in the heart of Surrey. Our aim is to capture your special memories and use them to create beautiful gifts that last a lifetime. We believe that every milestone in life is unique and memorable. Our handcrafted jewellery and gift products are perfect for all occasions from birthdays and weddings, to entering parenthood and memorials. Silver Memories specialises in personalised engraved jewellery and gifts. Our range includes pure silver print and memorial jewellery, as well as customised, engraved printed gifts. Each unique piece is hand crafted, designed and packaged in our studio. If you do not find something you are looking for, then do contact us and we will create you a bespoke piece. We endeavour to provide the best customer service and satisfaction to all our customers.

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Smeltylicious has been open since May 2019. I love wax melts and bath products so it seemed like the perfect business for me and it’s the best thing I ever did! The name comes from a play on words of smell delicious. All products are hand made by me except for the bath products which are ordered from reputable and assessed suppliers. Hope you find something you like!

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